A New Beginning for Two Pigs (and One Pig Farmer)

By Gene Baur, president and co-founder

Gus is in the hospital right now, wracked by a respiratory infection. The veterinary staff is doing its best to keep him comfortable as he receives the critical care he needs to survive. Luckily, Gus has his friend, Roxy, with him to make all of this much less scary.


We picked up Gus and Roxy from Bob Comis’ farm in Upstate New York last Tuesday. After years of raising pigs for meat, Bob became uncomfortable with killing pigs for a living and decided that exploiting animals for food did not align with his values. He is now in the process of turning his pig farm into a veganic (vegan, organic) vegetable farm. In the meantime, however, he had a sick pig on his hands, whom he sent to Farm Sanctuary. Since pigs are social animals, comforted to be with friends, Bob sent Roxy to the sanctuary along with Gus. Even small, “free-range,” or “humane” farms are unable to provide individual care to each animal and still turn a profit. At sanctuaries, each resident is treated as an individual, and at our New York Shelter, Gus will receive the personal care he needs.

Right now, Gus is exhausted by his illness. Both he and Roxy are a bit nervous and unsure in the unfamiliar hospital setting. But once Gus is better, we’ll bring him and Roxy to our New York Shelter. In their new life, Gus and Roxy will be able simply to be pigs, and simply to be themselves. We are so looking forward to learning their unique personalities.


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(Articles by Bob Comis about his decision to give up pig farming can be read on The Huffington Post and The Dodo.)


13 thoughts on “A New Beginning for Two Pigs (and One Pig Farmer)

  1. this was amazing!! give this man an award! unbelievable. im totally blown away by this. what a turnaround for him. thank you for choosing a vegan lifestyle mr. farmer. I hope gus makes a full recovery. farm sanc, is the best, been there, love it.

  2. It’s a great pleasure to read this story – both in terms of the help you’re extending to Gus and Roxy, and also to the partnership you’ve formed with Bob Comis. I’ve read through some of his blogs, as well as the comments from some of the readers. I just want to thank him for his recent decision. As a physician, a mom, an animal lover, and someone who cares about the environment, I truly appreciate what he is doing. And I think it does make him “extraordinary” in many people’s eyes!

    Thanks to everyone at Farm Sanctuary!

  3. After having many hopeless moments realizing the enormity of factory farming and animal abuse, Gus, Roxy and Bob’s story breathes fresh hope into this day!

  4. I so enjoyed to read about this farmer changing his views and his farm. I love the work that you do. You are friends to the animals and educators to the people

  5. Such a wonderful and hopeful story. Hearts can change…be lifted…just by getting in touch. Bless this dear man’s heart. So happy for the piggies xxx

  6. What an incredible story! I have no doubts that ex pig farmer is on the way to completely different way of thinking and different way of life. A much nicer way in my thinking. Good for him!

    Good luck dear Gus (& Roxy). Get well soon! Sweethearts <3

  7. Fantastic news!! Hopefully Bob is just the first of every farmer to have this awakening.!!. Would love to see Gus and Roxy’s story followed up please!

  8. Farmer Bob, you are truly amazing to come to this realization. I wish you could be a spokesman, working to abolish factory-farming. You “get it.” Good for you. Prayers for Gus and Roxy to get better so they can enjoy the rest of their lives happily living at Farm Sanctuary.

  9. I wish Bob Comis all the success in the world transitioning his farm. Thank you to Farm Sanctuary for being there for him.

  10. How amazing!!! I got goose bumps all over to watch him talk about how pigs are so similar to people. Glad he went vegetarian and glad he is going to be raising veggies not animals. What a wonderful story.