Will You Join Team Farm Sanctuary?

By Gene

At the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon in DC

I’m excited that Farm Sanctuary has been selected as an official charity for the 2013 LA Marathon®. This is the first time Farm Sanctuary will participate in a major athletic event, and I will be running as part of Team Farm Sanctuary on race day! I would love to have the opportunity to meet other Farm Sanctuary supporters who are also runners in this event. The LA Marathon will take place on March 17, 2013. It starts at Dodger Stadium and ends in Santa Monica. Registration has begun. Click here to learn more about how you can get involved.

Joining Team Farm Sanctuary at the LA Marathon isn’t just a great way to meet other runners who care about protecting animals; it’s also a chance to raise funds for Farm Sanctuary and reach out to friends and family about the issues that matter so much to all of us. Every member of Team Farm Sanctuary will be working hard to raise $500 to support our life-saving work.

Getting involved provides a wonderful opportunity to educate people about why farm animals deserve better than the horrible existence they endure on factory farms. Running a marathon is also, of course, a significant personal accomplishment.

I’ll be running 26.2 miles for farm animals in Los Angeles on March 17th. I’m sure there will be challenging moments, but knowing that I’m running for a meaningful cause will propel me forward. I hope you will consider joining Team Farm Sanctuary. If you aren’t able to run but still want to get involved, please consider supporting my efforts by making a donation today on my fundraising page. Let’s show the LA Marathon what Farm Sanctuary is made of!

One thought on “Will You Join Team Farm Sanctuary?

  1. I Love that you give these beautiful animals peace. So many animals never feel the joy that yours experience. I live in Saskatchewan Canada and have a farm north of Prince Albert. I am trying to build an animal sanctuary there. I also want the farm to become an educational site to prevent animal abuse. Do you know how many city children who have never romped with a lamb or held a cuddling chicken? I do not know either but I am sure that would be most of them If you know of anyone who would like to become involved in this lifestyle please pass on my address. With Love, Laurie Semenchuk [email protected] 1709 Shannon Crescent Saskatoon, Saskatchewan s7h 2t8